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Hello everyone, I'm Anjali Miki OMORI, running Anjali Tours in Japan. I am a tour organiser who have been taking lots of Japanese tourists to India. Having 25 years and 49 times visits' experience, I am now working on promoting many different types of "Tours", not only the actual trip but also the virtual experiences that people can get an access to Indian culture, history and most importantly to the daily life.

"Visit India Again" is the campaign I took an initiative, started in 2020, under the tough circumstances for everyone in tourism. Through this campaign, Anjali Tours has been offering various online and on-site events / projects, to keep India-lovers' attention. Let us keep burning our JUNOON till the day we can travel across the world with no concerns.

Anjali Tours,

is one and only guide that makes every path leading people to Incredible India


Born in 1974, spent a few years in Brazil as a child, educated in Japan as a teenager, studied in Malaysia, worked in the UK and in India, Miki, also known as Anjali mainly on Twitter (@Anjali_Masala), is an evangelist on India Tourism, Culture and History. Fascinated by the varieties of India's attractions, she has been working on organising her original tours to India since 2018. Having gained lords of social nerwork followers, she recently started working on advertising India related businesses as an ambassador.


Tours to India: Visit Baahubali shooting locations in Hyderabad(6 series), Madame tours for ladies (Delhi in 2018 / Jaipur in 2019), brought more than 100 clients to India in two years.

Online Events: "Visit India Again" May 2020(sold over 1,000 tickets) / July 2021, "LIFE IS ROSE" November 2020

On-site Event: "India Art Festival" March 2022

Product Enhancement: "Shopping Bag Project", collaboration with India-wide NGO Drishtee (on-going)

Brand Ambassador: RANGORIE - INDIANNES WITHIN / Fun with Hindi, online Hindi Learning Course for Japanese Speakers


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Youtube: Click here

​Creative Works

Company Information

JUNOON Co. Ltd.,

Address: 9-18-304 Sakuragaoka-cho

Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0031

Representative: Miki OMORI(Anjali)

Pick-Up Movies

Tour Highlight
Your 1st Experience of Mahishmati
The most popular tour series of Anjali Tours
Event Report
India Art Festival 2022
Movies / Lectures / Talk Shows
Tour Highlight
Ladies' Special / Movie Fan Special
Jaipur / Hyderabad
Tour Highlight
Tamil Star & Classical Dance
Travel Vlog
Glass Nail
Featuring Banaras
Travel Vlog
Meals Ready!
Visit South India in Japan
Travel Vlog
I am only waiting for Love
Tribute to Rabindranath Tagore
Self Documentary Short Film
Incredible World "Changing Banaras, India"

Advisory Team


Business Adviser

Satoshi YAMANA

Business Partner of Anjali Tours, running a Travel Agency "GNH Travel & Service" in central Tokyo. Specialist on Bhutan, India and Nepal.

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Strategy Adviser


Business owner of "Jai Collaborations Pvt. Ltd", established in Varanasi in 2001, having worked on TV shooting coodinator etc., also running I:ba Cafe & Restaurant and Rose Heritage Home. Diplomat at Embassy of Japan in India since 2016 for 4 years. Sabbatical leave in Japan at the moment. (Photo by Yasu IIJIMA)


Technical Adviser


Graphic Designer, B-Boy and Mural Artist, mainly working in New Zealand. Official website -->>​ KORYU88

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